How To Teach Toddlers Table Manners?

If you have kids then you know how hard it is to develop good habits, especially with Toddlers!

Toddlers are in that age phase where they want to experiment with everything. You have to support all the experiences while ensuring the health doesn’t get compromised.

When your child is in a growing phase it is crucial to spend quality time. So, they learn quickly and adopt good manners, and habits all the way! Therefore, I always try to explore options to save my time and energy.

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Well, I never had any issues with the first child. But as they say, motherhood lets you explore the best of all worlds. My second child had me at my wits with the constant hyperactive behavior. So, I had to adapt new methods, tips & tricks to match his level of energy while teaching him all basic manners.

Let the Kids be Kids:

Yes, it is necessary to understand this reality. At times, mothers go overboard and don’t understand that the kids are still in the learning phase. If you keep it simple then you are only making your work easier on both sides.

You don’t have to make each meal-time a lesson-time. Let them spill, make a mess, or do whatever they are doing at the moment. When the storm of energy has passed & their attention is shifted from making the table a mess then first, breathe and restart!

Yeah, there is no other way! You are the adult here so you have to deal with the sudden outburst of energy from mood swings to happy tears.

Be Polite:

If you want your kids to learn something then keep your voice tone polite. You have to make sure your words are kind as well. Use the words such as “Please” & “Thank You” while eating with everyone at the table.

Children at any age learn by the shown actions more than the instructions. Therefore, do everything you want them to acquire.

For instance, use napkins and utensils. When they are having finger foods then make sure to place a proper napkin. You can also make a Snack Time Routine where you just sit with your toddler and follow all the basic table manners. This will ensure the practice without enforcing it.

Don’t sweat it out if your toddler isn’t following the instructions. They will surely grasp all the concepts but at their pace. So, being patient is the key to success with the toddler age phase.

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